Please Note:
During the Wayne Horvitz set (Quartet,) Wayne plays piano.  For Robin's set (Quintet,) she joins the band, plays piano and sings. Wayne moves to Hammond Organ.

(1)  Concert Grand Piano, Steinway, Yamaha C series or Bosendorfer, tuned after sound check and before concert.  If a festival, please have tuner touch up piano between sets.

(1)  Hammond B-3 Organ with Leslie cabinet and proper bench.  I do not need the pedals but the organ should not be modified and should be appropriate for jazz and quiet music - not chopped and souped-up for rock.

(1)  Gallian Krueger 800RB with 4x10 cabinet.  Please, NO HARTKE ALUMINUM SPEAKERS.

Alternate amps would be:
 Gallian Krueger 400-RB
 Ashdown Bass Magnifier 500 watt
 Trace Elliot AH 300 7SMX

(2)  Guitar Amps:  Fender Deluxe Reverb OR Princeton OR Pro Reverb with vibrato-pre 1985.   WE DO NOT WANT FENDER TWIN OR SUPER REVERB.  Also, NO ROLAND JAZZ CHORUS!!

DW, Pearl, Yamaha Professional or equivalent.

Wood Drums Only:
(1)  14" x 20" Bass Drum: Coated Ambassador-Batter Side and Front Side.
(1)  14" x 14" Floor Tom
(1)  8" x 12" Tom-Tom
(1)  5 1/2" x 14" Snare Drum: Coated Ambassador on top, Ambassador Snare side bottom head ONLY.
Floor tom and tom-tom should have Coated Remo Ambassador drum heads or closest equivalent.

DW,Pearl,Yamaha Professional hardware or equivalent.  Durable Stands Only.
(1)  Drum Throne (no saddle seats or seats with backrest)
(1)  Bass Drum Pedal: DW Chain Drive or closest equivalent
(1)  Snare Drum Stand: lowest and most easily adjustable is preferred
(1)  Hi-Hat Stand with appropriate hardware (clutch,felts and washers)
(1)  Boom Cymbal Stand
(2)  Strait Cymbal Stands
(1)  Drum Key
All mounts and extra hardware for bass drum,tom-tom,and floor tom.
(1)  non-slip drum carpet or mat.

IN EUROPE:  (1) Transformer to 110V with American style outlet.