What The Press Is Saying About Zony Mash

.....a smarter, more harmonically involved band that never stays locked in a single groove. Its Meters meets Miles approach, though certainly tailored for the crossover, jam band set, was of the type that would be equally attractive to more discriminating listeners.
Bill Kohlhaase, L.A. Times

You've got to be ultra tight to convince listeners of your funkateer prowess, and for the most part, the fingers of Zony Mash Form a fist. On the nimble intro to "Smiles" they have the accuracy of a string quartet....Here's to their inspired if unholy alliances. May they continue to offer such seductive blends.
Jim Macnie, Down Beat

Original tunes incorporate delightfully strange twists of harmony or rhythm, but the essential appeal is to the urge to dance.
Josef Woodard, Jazziz

"JACKPOT"...Judging by the response this release has gotten on the jazz charts , many of you already know this, for the rest, however, it's time to get with it.
Ted Hendrickson, CMJ