What The Press Is Saying About Sweeter Than The Day

... a great showcase for Horvitz's beautiful compositions, his really strange, angular chord progressions.
Ned Wharton, NPR's Weekend Edition

The real revelation is the new acoustic session, American Bandstand.  ..the brilliance of Wayne's own solo work comes through in all its vivid mystery ... Horvitz marks his lyrical paths along strange harmonic curves, skirting resolution or sweetly resolving, while Young shows that his gentle side is just as compelling as his hot-dogging.  This is music that's lovely without being goopy, indirect without being too cool.
Mark Fefer, Seattle Weekly

On piano, Horvitz is economical yet lyrical, never venturing far from the strong melodic hooks which characterize his compositions, but constantly working small suprises.
The Wire (UK)

Horvitz' understanding of country, blues, folk and even singer-songwriter-type music is made quite plain on this CD.  None of these elements are represented in an obvious way, and that's perhaps the main reason why this disc appeal so strongly.  The strength of the music lies in Horvitz' beautifully crafted compositions.  Like Monk and Herbie Nichols, Horvitz is able to create memorable and distinctive melody lines from seemingly disparate, even mundane, motifs and phrases.
Dave Wayne, Jazz Weekly

... more impressively though, the various approaches keep the sound fresh and interesting enough to stand up to repeated listenings, without compromising the almost introspective mood that has been established.  This is smart music for adults.
Andrew Johnson, Pop Matters

(Four stars) ****   ... this set probably subverts most UK-audience assumptions about Horvitz ... its' offbeat lyricism and trancelike guitar-blues atmosphere.  A real surprise.
John Fordham, The Guardian (London)

Beautifully rehearsed and played, beautifully recorded (the engineers were really on the ball on this one), this combines expertise and imagination to make each tune a fetching and exciting excursion.  Unpretentious, full of content rather than posture, this record delivers.
Jazzwise (UK)

Elegant and subtle, these lovely compositions uncoil slowly enough that they’ll likely repay a lifetime of listening.
Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight (Vancouver BC)

... this doesn’t mean Horvitz is playing it straight, though: American Bandstand offers some of the most intriguing and unique music you’ll hear all year.
CMJ New Music Report

American Bandstand’s Ben’s Music, Love, Love, Love and Forever are among the most beatific melodies you’ll hear this year.
Christopher Porter, Jazz Times

... towards a quietly powerful chamber modernism full of eclectic composerly acumen that makes dreamlike reference to jazz, country, folk and hymn-like material.  Delightful and original.
Chris Ingham, Mojo (UK)