What The Press Is Saying About The President

The President has evolved into a truly funky instrumental rock & roll band; Horvitz himself describes it as a blues band with some twist. However you label it, it's brash and bold, with hard-edged, deep-hued primary colors slashing jagged lines across temporal and generic boundaries...it's also about as far from the fuzak of GRP and Zebra as you can run.
Gene Santoro, Down Beat

This wasn't country music, but an abstracted elliptical version of it that tied into an understanding of a mutual Americanness - gospel chords, country melodies, blues ideas - most people in the audience would understand.
Peter Watrous, The New York Times

The President, an exciting, cerebrally funky sextet of avant-funkers...recalls what fusion used to be - music that not only combines disparate elements but does so with keen intelligence, high definition and incendiary suspense.
Gene Kalbacher, CMJ Music Report

Sonny Boy Williamson in a Zen Temple.
Richard Williams, Times (London)