What The Press Is Saying About Ponga

When Ponga locks onto a musical target, the quartet's swiftness is devastating. Moreover, when an individual leads the way, he's always looking to bring the entire band's force to bear. Simply put, this is not a band prone to missed opportunities or gratuitous solos. In addition, Ponga does not take to the stage with the sort of arrogant over-intellectualism that's so prevalent among modern improvised-music practitioners. Ponga is a true anti-formula collective, driven by hyperactive listening habits and a genuine willingness to do whatever it takes to keep things moving along.
James Kirchmer, The Stranger (Seattle)

Ponga is a techno-fueled rocket burning in interstellar overdrive. On stage, itís a jazz-fusion machine from the future, wiring dizzy analog synth leads into silvery Rhodes piano licks, alien sax work and morphing rhythms. 100 percent improvised, 100 percent intense. Heads will spin.
Willamette Weekly (Portland, OR)

It was apparent from the first note of the first set that we weren't going to hear anything remotely familiar, regardless of how well you might know the self titled debut album, or the new release, Psychological. The instrumental music was all off the cuff, and would be impossible to duplicate, making every note original. The interaction between Horvitz and Palmer was mind bending as they traded bass lines and tweaked out noises, creating walls of sound that are beyond comprehension. Skerik... well Skerik is Skerik, need I say more? And I am almost embarrassed by my lack of knowledge in regards to Bobby Previte, who immediately jumped into a very finite group of drummers on my list. The musicianship these men displayed was unparalleled and uncompromising, and may I remind you they do all this without any guitars.

An utter loss.
Downbeat Magazine