What The Press Is Saying About The New York Composers' Orchestra

This is important music, skillfully constructed and marvelously executed. Not incidentally, it also swings mightily. The NYCO makes clear that there are composers creating modern music that is serious and creative, yet accessible and enjoyable.
Tom Krehbial, CD Review

The ensemble voicings are deceptively conventional, but this is like no big band music that you've heard before. Horvitz's "House That Brings a Smile," dedicated to the late Richard Manuel of the Band, suggests the depth and breadth of his influences. A truly splendid collection.
Bill Tillian, Option

That these extravagantly gifted improvisers and composers remain stranded on the fringe is a crime. A truly contemporary big band that crafts an original ensemble voice from unfashionable postbop jazz devices and multistylistic influences, the NYCO points directions out of the musical prison that surround too much current jazz. And like all truly great big bands, it swings its tail off.
Steve Futterman, Rolling Stone