What The Press Is Saying About Gravitas Quartet

Mainly I know this: I want to hear this music again and again, and each time it glides amidst a different set of complex human feelings.  Itís soothing and disturbing in varying degrees, and it seems to make my heart and my brain happy.  Whatever kind of music fan you may be, you should consider making room for this adventurous statement from a great American composer.
Will Layman, popmatters.com

Whether drawing upon the blues or a waltz, Horvitz is not simply manipulating a template, but creating a time-warped ambience, in which the listener feels a stillness that is languid and foreboding.  The idiom-free improvisations provide ballast, preventing the album from sinking into sentimentality.  Peggy Lee, Ron Miles and Sara Schoenbeck are exquisitely balanced, their every detail precisely etched.  For the most part, they are slightly understated in the improvisations; when they move to the foreground, they are persuasive, as is Horvitz.  4 stars.
Bill Shoemaker, Down Beat, November 2006